01. She was wearing a pink blouse with white and blue [spots] on it.
02. Detectives found [spots] of blood on the floor near where the body was found.
03. There are a few small [spots] of rust on the car, but other than that, it looks pretty good.
04. They visited Hollywood last year and actually [spotted] a couple of celebrities in a café there.
05. The cheetah's [spotted] coat helps it to hide in the grass while stalking prey.
06. The robber was [spotted] by a neighbor who noticed him trying to climb in a window.
07. Columbus first [spotted] the island which is now known as the Dominican Republic in 1492.
08. The desert of Kuwait is [spotted] with patches of coarse, weedy grass and small bushes.
09. The workers had to be evacuated to a safe [spot] after the factory caught fire.
10. We avoid the expensive and glamorous holiday [spots] when we go to Europe for our vacation.
11. After he died, he was buried in a grave in a quiet [spot] under a tree.
12. I know a nice [spot] for a picnic; follow me.
13. The teenage boys were trying to impress the girls by seeing who could dive from the highest [spot] into the lake.
14. The eagle's keen eyesight allows it to [spot] even the smallest prey from a great height.
15. The island nation of Samoa has a number of first-class diving [spots] if you want to do some underwater sports.
16. The exact location of the President's vacation [spot] is unknown.
17. Dust particles on the camera lens may appear as [spots] on your photos.
18. Giraffes are well known for their long necks, long legs, and [spotted] patterns.
19. The bubonic plague was called the "Black Death" because of the black [spots] that appeared on the bodies of its victims.
20. For many people, age [spots] are a natural part of the process of growing older.
21. The development of a gas export market for Egypt is a major bright [spot] for future growth prospects for the country.
22. The water here is quite shallow, so it's a good [spot] for young children to play in.
23. A crowd of young people moved quietly along the road towards the [spot] where their friends had been killed in a car accident.
24. Biologists are able to tell killer whales apart because each animal has a unique characteristic, such as the pattern of [spots] on the back.
25. Football coach John Heisman once advised, "When you find your opponent's weak [spot], hammer it."
26. We [spotted] a deer while we were out hiking, but it took off as soon as it saw us.
27. The floor was absolutely [spotless] after Liane washed it.
28. The police checked his record, and it was [spotless]. He'd never even received a speeding ticket.
29. Marly woke up with red [spots] all over his face and back, so it looks like he's got the measles.
30. We had a [spot] of rain yesterday, but other than that the weather has been gorgeous.
31. Let's have a [spot] of tea before we go out.
32. Cows have [spots] which are like a fingerprint or a snowflake; no two cows have exactly the same pattern of [spots].
33. A Belgian proverb notes that one [spot] stains the whole dress.
34. A Chinese proverb remarks that in every family's cooking pot is one black [spot].
35. An old proverb notes that a leopard can't change its [spots].
36. James was driving to work when he [spotted] his girlfriend walking hand in hand with his best friend.
37. I thought my essay was perfect, but my teacher [spotted] several mistakes and gave me a 'B'.
38. Anthony Jay once noted that the uncreative mind can [spot] wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to [spot] wrong questions.
39. Benjamin Franklin once said, "Clean your finger before you point at my [spots]."
40. Lu Xun once noted that as people are walking all the time in the same [spot], a path appears.
41. Someone once remarked that whatever your past has been, your future is [spotless].

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